The Hub

What is the Locate Hub?

The Locate Hub is facilitated by Roshni Sharma, Laura Kostanski and Dayna Hayman.

Locate conferences have been the national geospatial conference in Australia for several years, and are facilitated to deliver three key objectives:

  • Deliver the premier annual information and networking event for the geospatial industry
  • Showcase the work, research, policy and product developments of the geospatial industry to existing and new members
  • Deliver value for all participants attending one or many days of the event

The Locate Hub was established after the 2018 Interaction Zone and has experienced overwhelming and rewarding success at Locate19, Locate Connect in 2020 and at Locate21. The intent of designing and facilitating The Hub has always been to:

  • Add new dynamics to the existing packages of conference content
  • Provide opportunities for unstructured and dynamic conversations around the conference themes
  • Deliver a richer experience for delegates, to move them beyond engagement with PowerPoint presentations towards direct interaction with key thought leaders and industry experts
  • Provide more than audience participation opportunities at panels and support delegates to drive industry discussions and considerations
  • Build and maintain a community, by exciting people to attend and participate in Locate every year, and continue the dialogue outside of the Locate events.

These are achieved through a suite of delivery types, each with distinctive dynamics and potential outcomes for participants, including panel sessions, Q&A sessions, ideation spaces, collaboration spaces, roundtables, ‘launch, demo and learn’ sessions, workshops, testing spaces, and space for art, music and visuals.

What makes the Locate Hub different?

The Hub is an integral part of Locate Conferences, working alongside the other vital parts of the conference such as keynote sessions and parallel technical presentation streams. The focus of the Hub is on authentic engagement – it provides a space to spark conversation and ideas, to bring people together in new ways and to collaborate on the big conversations of our industry with outside-of-the-box thinking. The Hub is complements other parts of the conference and is, by its design, focused on the following principles:

  • Enable multi-modal communication between participants
  • Provide a broad and diverse program of topics and activities
  • Facilitate engagements to be open, accessible, inviting and supportive
  • Develop catalytic collaboration methods which encourage participants to test, learn and challenge
  • Deliver meaningful activities, tangible outcomes and opportunities for participants to follow-up post Locate22
  • Ensure adequate resourcing to support activities and build momentum throughout the Locate22 conference

Who is the Locate Hub for?

There are six key participant cohorts for The Hub, each with distinct perspectives on what Locate22 can offer. In particular, each of these cohorts define a unique proposition for what they might like to gain from interacting with or participating in activities at The Hub:

  • Exhibitors
  • Government
  • Academia
  • Industry Bodies
  • Delegates
  • The ‘Unusual Suspects’

The Locate Hub works to bring together all of these participant cohorts to enable cross-pollination of ideas, conversations and resources to think outside of the box and work to facilitate solutions for problems our industry might be facing as well as innovating new ways of working together to create value.

Some of the sorts of topics that we’re currently looking at including sessions on for the Locate22 Hub include:

  • Reframing the industry
  • Career Development
  • Collaboration, connection and support
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Losing bureaucracy, getting down to what really matters
  • Design Thinking
  • Natural disaster management
  • Facilitation of exporting/Austrade
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate Change
  • ITS/autonomous vehicles
  • OGC/Standards
  • Indigenous cultures
  • Start-up experiences
  • 2020 Agenda
  • Mental Health

If you’ve got an questions, please contact us at [email protected]!

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