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Geospatial Evolutions: From lands to seas to stars


We have a long-term commitment to bring value to our industry and to users of location data. We do this by planning and hosting great events. Below we have outlined why we do what we do and how we do it.



  • We hold the Locate conference every year to transform and grow our industry, increase engagement with customers and raise awareness of our capabilities with new growth sectors.
  • As we have become the conference of choice, we are succeeding in bringing together each unique and important element of the spatial industry. Our program attracts surveying, spatial science and related disciplines; commercial, government and academic organisations, their employees and their clientele.
  • Having embraced and heard the needs of our core industry, Locate is now increasingly focussed on attracting significant participation from the high priority growth sectors, such as transport, agriculture, health, defence and security, energy, mining and the built environment (including smart and green cities).
  • Locate will continue to host and promote the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards to recognise the dedication and hard work of the people that champion our industry and ensure it’s continues relevance and growth.
  • Locate will incorporate the entire spatial sector in Australia and New Zealand and seek to progressively expand to include South-East Asia and the Pacific.

We have some big goals and to achieve these we have set out some guiding principles, or as we like to refer to them, our hows.



  • Having a fresh and dynamic program with interactive sessions ensures we capture the imagination of our delegates and that they leave the conference inspired about what they have seen and heard.
  • We choose topics from application areas, to highlight the growing role of location across all parts of the digital economy, this ensures relevance to the industry and our clients.
  • Locate will showcase the best spatial information technologies, products, services, projects, and research from around Australasia and the world, and address key innovation and regulatory policy issues impacting our industry.
  • We will sometimes partner with other national and international conferences to foster collaborations and support our industry to break into other markets.
  • Locate is a travelling conference, hosted around Australasia, changing locations annually, providing equitable access and opportunity to engage with different market sectors.
  • Locate will be used to report, review and renew the 2026Agenda.
  • Locate will promote diversity and equal opportunities to all individuals active in the spatial industry, and will seek to present a gender-neutral program in terms of:
    • Keynote Speakers
    • Industry Panels
    • Conference Speakers
    • Session Chairs

All of this is done so that Locate delivers value equally to the spatial and surveying communities as well as the other industry sectors that are beginning to realise the power of location.

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