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Locate Conferences Australia are excited to announce a new and exciting format for Locate21, taking place 29 March – 1 April 2021.
Locate21 will see the introduction of a hybrid model – a combination of virtual events along with live in person gatherings, at our central Brisbane live site (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre) and other live sites around Australia and New Zealand.
Virtually and in person, we will share how Geospatial and Location technologies and practices are being used, highlighting the fundamental role they play in enabling our digital economy.

We will also explore and facilitate the convergence of the spatial industry and the influence and importance of our industry to broader industries and the wider economy. Spatial data and location services now underpin many activities driving us to explore collaborative partnerships with businesses in other sectors, working together to produce a greater whole and to recognize new ways of doing things.

Locate21 will also provide delegates an opportunity to discover how new technologies and practices are able to equipus to meet the many challenges our planet is faced with, enlighten us as to how we can learn from our collective experiences and enable us to share in new collaborative partnerships that will enhance the ecosystem of the geospatial community and ensure the value of location data to inform and enable good decision making in the broader community.


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On behalf of the Locate Conferences Australia it is our pleasure to invite you to join us in our all new hybrid model event for the Locate21 Conference. The conference will see a combination of virtual and live in person events at our Central Brisbane live site (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre) and other live sites around Australia.

Each year, the conference attracts national and international delegates from outside the spatial industry and as Australia’s premier spatial conference, Locate21, will provide guests with a uniqueopportunity to learn about the latest trends and applications in geospatial technologies and harness the power of location unlike we have before. It will also facilitate networking and business development, with a range of new formats and events to allow the community to meet, even from home! Locate Conferences have always been the event where the industry meets, and Locate21 will be no different. So please join us, wherever you are in Australia, New Zealand, or across the world for what will be a new and exciting chapter in our journey, together…


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