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Peter Hedlund

CEO/Managing Director, Ordnance Survey


Peter Hedlund, CEO for Ordnance Survey’s International business operations, has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry where he has held senior positions in both global corporations as well as fast growing international technology start-up companies. Peter has developed and delivered international business strategies to support business objectives and growth for several technology firms. Peter holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and has studied at Harvard, Stockholm School of Business and Vienna School of Economics. Since joining Ordnance Survey Peter has worked with governments on four continents helping to maximise value from their geospatial data. He’s developed customer focused propositions with several market leading technology companies; ensuring Ordnance Survey continues to evolve and innovate during challenging conditions.


Title: Sustaining the prosperity and well being of your nation

Summary: Authoritative, trusted fundamental geospatial data is relied on by government, society and industry. However as soon as geospatial data is produced its out of date; so how do you keep up to date with the millions of constant changes to both urban and rural landscapes? Peter will explore the benefits to the economy of keeping your fundamental geospatial data up to date; and how new technologies can improve efficiencies and reduce production costs compared to traditional map production methods. But how do you pay for the map? Peter looks at how developing applications on top of your fundamental geospatial data can help increase land taxation, remain relevant, encourage data sharing between organisations, increase efficiencies and help save lives.

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