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Monica Wachowicz

Associate Dean, Geospatial Science, RMIT University


Dr. Wachowicz is Associate Dean of Geospatial at RMIT University and Cisco Innovation Chair in Big Data. She is a world-renowned expert in Geospatial Data Science, with a unique multidisciplinary background in Geomatics Engineering, Geography, and Computer Science. She specializes in machine learning to analyze data streams from the Internet of Things, with the purpose of identifying opportunities and challenges in building sustainable smart cities. She has collaborated in research projects with many high technology companies, such as IBM, Cisco, Orange Communications, ESRI and Siemens, as well as academics from the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. She has over 300 publications and 50 invited talks and keynote speeches including the United Nations, GIScience Conference and Big Data Congress. Her pioneering work in multidisciplinary teams from government, industry and research organizations is fostering the next generation of data scientists for innovation in green economies.


Presentation title: Spatial Research and Skilling - An Academic Perspective

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