Speaker Profile

Dr Peter Woodgate

Chair Smartsat CRC


Dr Woodgate is the Chair of SmartSatCRC. He served as CEO of the Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) from June 2003 to December 2017. As Co-Chair for the Australian Government’s Space Cross-Sectoral Interest Group he is helping undertake the analysis of Australia’s dependence on space assets and its contribution to the nation’s next Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy. He is also the Co-Chair of the Leadership Group of the 2026 Spatial Industry Growth and Transformation Agenda which sets out the road map for the spatial industry including the next steps in its engagement with the space industry. Dr Woodgate is a member of the Australian Space Agency’s Space Industry Leaders Forum and Chair of the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network.


Panelist for the Grand Debate: Opportunities and Challenges in Space+ Spatial sector

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