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Dr. Fiona McKenzie

Founder and Director, Orange Compass


Dr. Fiona McKenzie is the Director of Orange Compass, a consultancy dedicated to supporting change makers on their journey to transform systems and build better futures. Fiona is a human geographer with a PhD on innovation and expertise in both public policy and academic research. Fiona works across diverse sectors in Australia and internationally - where she applies her expertise in systems thinking, collaboration and co-design to help for-purpose organisations and initiatives navigate complex challenges. In addition to leading Orange Compass, Fiona works with Collaboration for Impact as a Network Member, where she led the creation of Australia's first digital knowledge and learning hub for systems change and collaboration, Platform C. She is a member of Rural Bank’s Agribusiness Advisory Committee and the Reference Group for the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal’s Investing in Rural Community Futures initiative.


Dr. McKenzie will present on Wednesday 25 May 2022 in the session 'Technology and Transformation'

Presentation title: From disruption to transformation: shaping the future in a rapidly changing world

In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, megatrends are ignoring boundaries and driving rapid changes across sectors and systems globally. Technological and digital advances are part of a broader set of shifts that have the potential to irreversibly change the way we live and to challenge the models we use to organise our societies. With far reaching consequences, these trends can be disruptive. But they also have the potential to be transformative. So, what would geospatial industry leaders need to do to harness and leverage these changes? Who is daring to imagine new futures, chart new pathways, and dream up new ways of working? In this thought-provoking address, learn more about the key megatrends shaping our industry right now, how other industries are responding, and the powerful questions we should grapple with if we want to have a role in shaping the future as it unfolds.

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