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Alison Rose

Chief of Place, Space and Community Safety, Geoscience Australia


Alison Rose was recently appointed the Chief of Geoscience Australia’s Place, Space and Communities Division. Prior to her appointment, Alison led the Border Intelligence Support to Operations branch at the Department of Home Affairs providing integrated intelligence support to the Australian Border Force on migration systems, trade enforcement and border protection priorities. Previously, Alison held senior executive positions within both the private and public sector, including Director of National Government Industry Solutions with Esri – a US-based GIS technology company; delivery of the Department of Defence’s corporate and geospatial ICT programs and projects and enterprise information management implementation; and, leadership of the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation’s foundation mapping, advanced analytics, training and tradecraft, data and collection management, and customer services.


Title: Creating a location-enabled Australia

Summary: Business and governments are demanding new opportunities for innovation, efficiency and improved responsiveness, particularly in location-based information. Recent national emergencies such as bushfires, drought and COVID-19 all have long-term effects on our cities, towns, land and environment. These national, place-based challenges require collaborative solutions that must be data-driven, provide insightful analysis, and be easy for anyone, anywhere to use. Ultimately, government needs authoritative timely information to best target investment in communities, respond to and recover from national emergencies, ensure future resilience and to monitor the benefits and outcomes of this investment. Businesses and citizens need timely access to trusted public data to de-risk investment, protect assets, and take part in decision-making for their communities. Geoscience Australia leads national programs with partners across all levels of government and business driving evidence-based decisions through foundation location information, advice and services. From space observation across our landscape through to the depths of our oceans, to precise positioning across our land and maritime zones and natural hazard information, we have expertise to provide the leadership for creating a location-enabled Australia.

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