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Alexis Smith

Founder & CEO, IMGeospatial


Alexis Smith is the founder and CEO of the automated business intelligence brand, IMGeospatial. IMGeospatial creates market-leading data intelligence products via machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic feature extraction and remote-sensed data for multiple industries, globally.

Alexis is a seasoned entrepreneur, who is passionate about stimulating creativity and innovation to create positive societal change for a better world, along with championing diversity of thought in everything she does.

Since inception of the brand in 2015, IMGeospatial has been nominated for numerous awards and were delighted to be named as a 2020 finalist of the TechNation rising stars program along with being named as a game changer for the Thames Valley for two years in a row. In 2019 we were delighted to be awarded World Geospatial Start-up of the Year at the Geospatial World Forum.

Personally, Alexis has been asked to join numerous industry Boards and Panels, in 2020 she became a Senior Expert on the Digital Expert Panel for Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) along with joining the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship College Panel, thus enabling her to continue to promote diversity of thought into the Environmental and Innovation arenas. In 2019, Alexis was personally recognised by the Geospatial World Forum as one of the geospatial industry’s top female leaders and was invited to join the Executive Board of the World Geospatial Industry Council. Alexis is also a Co Chair of the UK Water Partnership Digital Water Group. As an active member on these Boards and Panels, Alexis can share her sound understanding of the global position of the geospatial sector and its potential to create positive change for individuals, communities, the environment, and society. She is passionate about diversity of thought within AI and society and a true data geek In addition to all else Alexis has also be successful in having one of her inventions, AIMEE (Automatic Intelligent Multi-feature Extraction Engine) being selected as one of the top ten AI Innovations of the Year by Digital Leaders.

Alexis has previously presented at many high-profile conferences, amongst these include the influential World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington DC and as a keynote speaker at the European Forum for Geography and Statistics.

Outside of work, Alexis is a keen sportswoman who enjoys skiing, running and sailing. Her yacht master enables her to indulge her passion for travel. She is committed to championing diversity and inclusion within the workplace and technical industries at large.


Title: Its all about IA now, not just AI Summary to follow.

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