Mr Adrian Turner

“I’m engaged in this because I was stuck in the fires with my two brothers. We fought for six and a half hours for neighbours in the house. We saved the property, but we shouldn’t have come out of it.”

 Adrian Turner, CEO of Minderoo Foundation Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative, joins us in this impactful, heartfelt and grounded podcast episode that hits home. Tune in to hear the massive cost and impact of #naturaldisasters – societally, environmentally and economically – and about the common-sense and attainable data-driven alternative that #spatialdata combined with #machinelearning technologies offer us. We could save billions of dollars and keep communities #safe by reducing the harm caused by natural disasters. Learn more about the #resilience #dividend #Australia can earn by #gettingitright. Hear Adrian speak about the #technology, #policy and #data #gaps in disaster response in Australia and globally, and the many opportunities that these challenges present.

Join us at Locate22 to hear Adrian’s keynote on Thursday 26 May 2022 in the ‘Communities and Collaboration’ session on Emergency and Disaster Response. Register now –

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