PRESS RELEASE: How the New York State Police use geospatial tools to catch a killer

With just six weeks to go, Australia’s premier geospatial & surveying conference, Locate, are excited to announce some of the speakers who will feature at their upcoming national conference due to be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 29 March – 1 April, but which also offers the ability for people to patch in online.

Despite travel restrictions, some notable speakers will patch into the event virtually to share their expertise include Kellen Crouse of the New York State Police who will be sharing his experiences of using geospatial information for a 2018 missing person investigation via his presentation titled ‘The geography of crime: How the NY State Police catch a killer’.

Crouse, who is sponsored by Esri Australia, will share with the event’s audience how geospatial tools were crucial to law enforcement success and enabled the New York State Police to coordinate with local law enforcement, parks police, and the FBI to conduct searches for the missing person and investigate a potential homicide suspect. 

“I can’t wait to collaborate with so many diverse GIS lovers from around the world. I want to share my experiences while learning from peers who are doing amazing things with GIS and data science,” says Crouse.

He says the efforts of police and the value of this data can sometimes go unnoticed, but once people understand the technology and it’s potential better, law enforcement and public safety partners are generally very grateful for what it can do. 

“Vital time was saved in an investigation that may have never been solved if not for the use and availability of geospatial tools and data. As technology advances, law enforcement can sometimes be slow to adapt, particularly when new tools cannot be seen immediately in the field. I am excited to see how our field will adopt drone footage into our investigations and predictive analysis to drive enforcement operations too.”

Locate21’s program will feature 4 days of virtual presentations & workshops, and 2 days of live events on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March 2021 which include:

  • Program content running between 1030 – 1530 Qld time each day
  • Optional in person workshops and smaller sub events offered in live sites
  • All aspects of the program will be accessible virtually for those who cannot access a live site & all content will be recorded and available for viewing post event.
  • Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) presented virtually on Wed 31 March and broadcast to the live sites where drinks & nibbles will be provided to those who purchase a ticket
  • Plenary speakers presenting live from the live sites, which will be broadcast virtually and to other live sites

Other notable speakers include:

  • Adam Ferrier, Found of THINKERBELL, Topic: How Marketing Often Confuses The Destination with The Journey (Appearing by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau)
  • Peter Hedland, CEO/MANAGING DIRECTOR, ORDNANCE SURVEY, Topic: Sustaining the prosperity and well being of your nation
  • Alexis Smith, Founder & CEO, IMGEOSPATIAL, Topic: Its all about IA now, not just AI
  • Scott Dewar, Director, Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), Topic: Transforming GEOINT
  • Prof Alan Duffy, Director, Swinburne’s Space Technology and Industry Institute, Topic: Space and Spatial – Challenges & Opportunities
  • Melissa Harris, Deputy Chair, Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC), Topic: Strategic Directions for ANZLIC
  • Alison Rose, Chief of Place, Space and Community Safety, Geoscience Australia, Topic: Creating a location-enabled Australia
  • James Brown, CEO, Space Industry Association of Australia, Panellist for: Grand Debate: Opportunities and Challenges in Space + Spatial sector
  • Adam Gilmour, CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies, Panellist for: Grand Debate: Opportunities and Challenges in Space + Spatial sector

See the program here.

Standard rate tickets for all levels of tickets (online + in person or combination) are available until 8 March 2021 after which time they will increase in price from


When: 29 March to 1 April 2020
Where: Brisbane Convention Centre + various live sites + online
Cost: From $165 for a virtual pass and from $350 for the full conference experience, with discounts available for certain association members, speakers, corporate groups & students.

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