How has COVID transformed and disrupted the spatial industry: Looking to the future

In this special episode to round out the year, we take the chance to reflect upon how the COVID-19 global pandemic has and continues to change the geospatial industry, now and into the future.

Join us with Mina Jahanshani (Senior Consultant, GeoPlex), Evan Quick (Digital Engineering Asset Manager, Rail Projects Victoria), Kellie Dean (President, the Institution of Surveyors Victoria), Matt Duckam (Associate Dean, School of Science, RMIT University) and the Locate Hub convenors Laura Kostanski and Roshni Sharma. This episode is a special extension of the Locate Connect Hub Online session, ‘How has the analogue disruptor of COVID-19 impacted our industry?’ which was held on Friday 31 July 2020, taking the discussion and themes further and deeper.

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