Dr Stefan Hrabar

Listen in to hear how innovative drone technology is being
used by Emesent to access hard-to-reach spaces and create point clouds,
improve safety outcomes, and even being used on the latest 007 movie sets. Dr
Stefan Hrabar, CEO and Co-Founder of Emesent, will be presenting his keynote
“From CSIRO to global company” at Locate22 on Thursday 26 May in the
‘Technical Innovators And Business Leaders’ session. Stefan has been at the
forefront of drone autonomy R&D for 20 years. Following his PhD in Computer
Science / Robotics on this topic, he spent 13 years at CSIRO where he continued
his work on vision and lidar-based perception and navigation for drones. He led
the development and commercialisation of Hovermap in CSIRO, and co-founded
Emesent in 2018 to bring this ground-breaking technology to market. Listen to
his episode now!

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