Mr Adrian Turner

“I’m engaged in this because I was stuck in the fires with my two brothers. We fought for six and a half hours for neighbours in the house. We saved … Read more

Dr James Johnson & Mr Tom Hamilton

Join Dr James Johnson (CEO, Geoscience Australia) and Mr Tom Hamilton (Director, Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation) as we hear from this powerhouse duo about opportunities, innovation, and inclusion in relation to … Read more

Dr Stefan Hrabar

Listen in to hear how innovative drone technology is being used by Emesent to access hard-to-reach spaces and create point clouds, improve safety outcomes, and even being used on the … Read more

Dr Monica Wachowicz

What makes industry-university collaborations succeed? And why is this vital for our industry, and Australia’s economy? Join us as we speak with Dr Wachowicz, Associate Dean of Geospatial at RMIT … Read more

Dr David Gruen

We’re delighted that The Australian Statistician, Dr David Gruen, joined us on the Locate Podcast to speak about his keynote at Locate22, Building Geospatial data capabilities across the Australian Public … Read more

Fiona McKenzie

Join us as we welcome Dr Fiona McKenzie to share with us why we, as an industry, should be thinking a lot more about megatrends. Fiona explores with us the … Read more

Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith is the founder and CEO of the automated business intelligence brand, IMGeospatial. IMGeospatial creates market-leading data intelligence products via machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic feature extraction and remote-sensed … Read more

Kellen Crouse

New York State Police’s Senior Intelligence Analyst, Kellen Crouse, will provide an inside look at the crucial role of geospatial analysis in solving a missing person case turned homicide in … Read more

Alison Rose

How do we create a location-enabled Australia? What are the steps along the way, and why is it important? Join Alison Rose, Geoscience Australia’s Chief of Place, Space and Community, … Read more

Alan Duffy

Welcoming Prof Duffy to our podcast, for a broad-ranging but very thought-provoking discussion on speak about space and spatial. This episode is a teaser for his keynote presentation at Locate21, … Read more

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