Kellen Crouse

New York State Police’s Senior Intelligence Analyst, Kellen Crouse, will provide an inside look at the crucial role of geospatial analysis in solving a missing person case turned homicide in … Read more

Alison Rose

How do we create a location-enabled Australia? What are the steps along the way, and why is it important? Join Alison Rose, Geoscience Australia’s Chief of Place, Space and Community, … Read more

Alan Duffy

Welcoming Prof Duffy to our podcast, for a broad-ranging but very thought-provoking discussion on speak about space and spatial. This episode is a teaser for his keynote presentation at Locate21, … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Locate21 takes on a new shape & form

Locate21, Australia’s premier geospatial & surveying conference, is excited to announce a new and exciting format for their rescheduled annual conference now happening 29 March – 1 April 2021.  After … Read more

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