Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith is the founder and CEO of the automated business intelligence brand, IMGeospatial. IMGeospatial creates market-leading data intelligence products via machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic feature extraction and remote-sensed data for multiple industries, globally. Alexis is a seasoned entrepreneur, who is passionate about stimulating creativity and innovation to create positive societal change for a better world, along with championing diversity of thought in everything she does.

In this episode of the Locate Podcast, we step outside of our normal structure for a candid, meandering and truly delightful conversation with Alexis, spanning over the course of her life and career so far, and cutting to the core of many issues around the geospatial industry’s future, diversity and inclusion, and many more topics.

Tune in to Alexis’s Locate21 Keynote, ‘IA not AI’, right now:

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