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Board of Directors

While we are diverse in skills and backgrounds, we are united by our passion for location. Find out why we are on the board by clicking on each of us below.

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ChairMaurits Van der Vlugt, Director, Location Solutions - Mercury Project Solutions (appointed by SIBA|GITA)
Vice-ChairZaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, Executive Director - Strategic Consulting, Spatial Vision (appointed by SSSI)
DirectorsKatherine Williams, Digital Cadastre Transformation Manager, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (appointed by SSSI)
Glenn Cockerton, Managing Director, Spatial Vision (appointed by SIBA|GITA)
Gaby Van Wyk, Principal/Director, Whereabouts Consultants (appointed by SSSI)
Mary-Ellen Feeney, Global Technology Leader – Geospatial – Information management, automation & digital engineering, Jacobs (appointed by SIBA|GITA)
Joint Company SecretariesDeanna Hutchinson, CEO, SIBA|GITA
Peter Olah, CEO, SSSI


Alicia Smith
Will Organise
Tel: +61 24973 6573
Email: secretariat@locateconference.com


To read the Locate Conferences Australia Pty Ltd constitution, please click HERE.