Wayne Patterson

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NSW State of Spatial

Wayne Patterson, Executive Director, Information Sourcing – Land and Property Information | Department of Finance, Services & Innovation


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5 Things You Will Learn

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Presentation Overview
A key outcome for the NSW Government is the development of a digital NSW, which recognises the value of information assets and engages technology to achieve better outcomes. Spatial Information plays an essential role in realising this outcome. The vision to maximise the value of ”location intelligence” in decision making, planning and service delivery for the benefit of NSW is being realised through the implementation of governance arrangements, strategic initiatives and actions involving government, industry and the community.

After an extensive consultation process across Government, Industry and the Community, the NSW Location Intelligence Strategy 2013 – 2015 set a whole of state strategic framework for the innovative use of NSW spatial information.

This presentation will describe the journey to date, highlighting a number of key successes, describing lessons learnt and providing an insight into the NSW Location Intelligence Strategy