Richard Hall, AICP

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Executive Director, Maryland Citizens Planning and Housing Association and former Secretary of Planning for the state of Maryland (USA)

Presentation Title:

Smart Growth for Entrepreneurial Governments

What You Will Learn:

1.  Learn how spatial information helped drive the smart growth agenda in the United States’ fifth most densely populated state
2.  Discover how data and analytics are being harnessed to improve community and environmental outcomes
3. Find out how location-based analytics is helping power economic growth
4. Learn more about the modern, entrepreneurial practices adopted by one of the US’s most progressive governments
Revitalising neighourhoods and making the places we live, work and play more liveable can help drive economic growth at a local, state and national level. However, development decisions have the potential to impact all aspects of a community, including health, education, transport, the built environment, green spaces and waterways.
To ensure there is a balanced approach to development, data is key. With access to more accurate, higher quality information – and a better understanding of where, why and how – today’s leaders are able to determine a smarter, more collaborative and sustainable path forward.
Recognised across the US for developing and implementing innovative planning policies and initiatives, Richard Hall will share his successes and vision for aligning data, geography, policy and technology – with the goal is to modernise government, foster collaboration and deliver citizen-centric experiences that drive economic growth.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”sky” border_width=”2″][vc_column_text]


A respected authority on ‘smart growth’ in the USA, Richard Hall has dedicated almost three decades of his life to the promotion of sustainable growth, community development and community revitalisation.

With a wealth of experience in state and local government planning agencies, Richard is the architect of a range of analysis-based policies and conservation and revitalisation strategies that successfully transformed the state of Maryland’s approach to development and growth.

Rising through the ranks to Secretary of Maryland Department of Planning, Richard initiated and produced the first state-wide State Development Plan – PlanMaryland – a complete strategy to ensure the state’s sustainable growth into the future.

This plan encompassed the three aspects of sustainable growth, community development and revitalisation – of particular importance in Maryland where revitalising large cities such as Baltimore takes place against the backdrop of the environmental restoration of Chesapeake Bay.

With a keen understanding of the value of high-quality authoritative data, its analysis and accessibility (especially to the public), Richard developed a suite of citizen-centric applications to engage residents and successfully involve them in the planning and development of their communities.

Always looking to push the envelope, Richard readily embraces innovative techniques to improve his analysis capability. A central tenet to his work is the ability to leverage geospatial technology and mapping to visualise and analyse data, and measure performance.

A member of several boards and Vice Chair of the Regional Planning Division Board to the American Planning Association (APA), Richard’s progressive approach to governance and planning has seen him named as the Smart Growth Hero by 1000 Friends of Maryland, Planner of the Year by the Maryland Chapter of APA, and Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay Award – the highest honour the Governor can bestow on an individual for environmental contributions. Most recently, under his leadership, the Maryland Department of Planning was awarded the Best Planning Department in the United States.