Dan Paull

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Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer, PSMA Australia

Presentation Title:

Navigating the future


What You Will Learn:

  1. What are the impacts now that G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries are available as open data?
  2. Are there any frontiers left in the area of geospatial information aggregation?
  3. What impact will emerging technologies have in this space?
  4. What is the value of location intelligence for the burgeoning digital economy?
  5. What lies ahead for PSMA?

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Presentation Overview

PSMA Australia was formed by the governments of Australia in 1993 to collate, transform and deliver their location data to support the Australian Bureau of Statistics with the implementation of the 1996 Census.  In 2001, the governments formalised PSMA’s structure to enable the coordination and integration activities to continue. As an unlisted, self-funded public company owned by Australia’s federal, state and territory governments, PSMA continued to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data. An efficient user-pay model was adopted and refined over time to support and grow the company and its activities.  Fifteen years on, PSMA’s government owners now find their vessel in the unchartered waters of a digitally disrupted world. The company has achieved much more that was ever envisaged when it was conceived and in past months, has notched up some very significant milestones with the agreement with the Commonwealth for an Open G-NAF and the launch of PSMA’s exciting new product, Geoscape. So, what are the impacts of open data and Open G-NAF? Are there any frontiers left in the realm of geospatial information aggregation? What is the impact of the innovation focus by the Turnbull Government on location information and its role in our burgeoning digital economy? What do the technologies we now have access to and the very different expectations we have for our digital platforms mean? What is ahead for PSMA and how will PSMA navigate that future?


Dan is the Chief Executive Officer of PSMA Australia Limited, the provider of authoritative national mapping and location information. Founded by the governments of Australia to provide an independent and self-funded means for collaborating on national geospatial matter, PSMA Australia’s approach and the technology and solutions employed have been recognised internationally. PSMA applies an innovative business model and world-leading technology to develop national location information from data from all governments of Australia.  Dan is a founding member of the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) Geospatial Special Interest Group and the author of numerous scientific papers, reports and reviews. Dan holds a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons) and completed an Executive MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management.