Ben Rimmer


Ben Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer, City of Melbourne

Presentation Title:

Towards Our Sixth Sense: Using Geospatial Technology to Sustain Liveability


What You Will Learn:

  1. Discuss how geospatial technology is an integral part of ensuring Melbourne’s liveability into the future
  2. Share examples of how we are working with Melbourne’s community to ensure our city is sustainable and resilient.
  3. Show how we can use geospatial technology to create a lasting link between people and our built and natural environments
  4. Discuss how we can sustain Melbourne’s liveability by combining the city’s unique strengths and emerging technology in a future ‘sixth sense’


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Ben Rimmer was appointed as CEO at the City of Melbourne in February 2015.
Ben leads the City of Melbourne administration in supporting the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillors to achieve their objectives and deliver the community’s vision of a bold, inspirational and sustainable city.

His role is also to ensure that the City of Melbourne is ‘a leading organisation for a leading city’ – building current and future capacity to serve the interests of Melbourne and the evolving needs of the community.
Before returning to his home town of Melbourne, Ben was Associate Secretary in the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services in Canberra. He has also worked for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. Before joining the public sector he was Project Leader in the Boston Consulting Group’s London and Melbourne offices.