Associate Professor Bob Owen

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Associate Professor, Infrastructure Task Group Originator & Leader at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Presentation Title:

Digital Built Environment and disruptive technologies

What You Will Learn:

Bob excels at ‘linking thinking’ across domains and specialisms.

The DBE has its origins in the US spy satellite programs of forty years ago.

Civilian satellites and vehicle surveys are now taking the lead; UAVs are starting to follow.

Australia lags adoption; see this link for one possible solution:

Planning, design, build, operation and re-purposing will all change radically over the next twenty years – are Australia’s planners ready to illuminate paper?

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Bob Owen was an electronics engineer, fast jet pilot, intelligence officer, technology applications manager and business development director before gaining an MSc(Dist) in information systems.

Appointed Senior Research Fellow at Salford University, specialising in project management and the implications of developing and using Building Information Modelling (BIM), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Lean Construction, Bob helped lead the Association for Project Management, was on the steering group for the UK Government’s ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ and was UK Expert for ISO21500.

He also led a project for the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development and was a technical consultant on many classified programs. Bob has advised the UK Government, and led the CIB priority theme: Improving Construction and Use through Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions.

He was also a catalyst in the very beginning of the UK Construction Improvement programme that is currently leading the world in the adoption of BIM.

Bob is on the Australian Lean Construction Institute Council and a member of the leadership team for the BuildingSMART Australasia National BIM Initiative Integrated Project Delivery working group. He has recently set up a new international Infrastructure Task Group for CIB.