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we-do-IT® is an innovative global IT company with a successful track record of delivering cost-effective and reliable geospatial solutions.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified for the provision of IT based Consulting, Training and Product Development Services and a global provider of Geospatial and SmartGrid IT solutions.

Our company offers consulting, development, training and system support services to clients in telecommunication, electricity, gas, and water utility industries in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and India – recently opening our subsidiary in Berlin to meet strong local demand.  We have provided more than $130m of IT product/services, all on time and budget.

We are a veteran of successful Right-Shoring globally and have established our own right-shoring subsidiary in Hyderabad that has recently outgrown our Australian staff numbers.

Our key differentiators are our quality resources and highly innovative, unique solutions to our customer problems.  One example of this is our adjust.IT utility network data quality product/service, released in 2000.  Since we have adjusted more than 100m coordinates with 30m under current projects.  We have adjusted all of New Zealand, large parts of NSW, 80% of Queensland, 100% of WA, all of New York and other major utilities in the US, Canada and France.

Another key differentiator example is LatLonGO®, a GIS agnostic SAP-ERP Mobility Solution able to use any data, host it on any server and have it consumed by any touch client (iOS, Android, Windows) off-line or on-line, all tightly integrated with the leading base map data provider HERE Maps.  The product was only released in 2013 but has been sold globally to electricity, gas and telco customers.

We won the Governor of Victoria Emerging Exporter Award in 2011 and the Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Victorian Spatial Excellence Export Award in 2014 followed by winning the National Export Award for LatLonGO® during the Locate15 Conference in Brisbane.

Dr Walter Hesse
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