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RPS is an international consultancy providing world-class local solutions in infrastructure, urban growth, energy, mining and natural resource management. In the Australia and Asia Pacific region, our surveying and mapping professionals are part of a multidisciplinary team of 1000 professional and technical staff working across 24 locations, including metropolitan and regional centres.. In addition to specialist mapping services, RPS also has one of Australia’s largest surveying teams, employing more than 150 surveyors and the full range of services for development and construction.

With the most up-to-date technology and a network of regional offices, RPS has the capacity, experience and expertise to service the most complex projects across all sectors. Our specialist mapping services include:
  – LiDAR & Aerial Photography Acquisition
  – Photogrammetric Mapping
  – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveys & Applications
  – GIS, Remote Sensing & Spatial Data Products
  – Visual Impact Assessment & 3D Modelling.

Our technology includes the new Trimble AX60 and AX60i LiDAR scanners, the most superior scanners of their kind. Current applications include extensive high definition mapping of thousands of square kilometres for forestry and natural resource management, creating complete 3D models of major cities and highly detailed linear infrastructure mapping.

Our team has received recognition at the state, national and international level for its innovation and commitment to quality.

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