Pitney Bowes

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Transform location and business data into enhanced insight with Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence Solutions.

For more than 20 years Pitney Bowes has provided easy-to-use location based solutions to help make businesses more profitable and government improve service delivery. Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence solutions deliver powerful ways to visually analyse spatial and business data to drive more effective decision making.

Our customers experience greater productivity, power and precision via an integrated Location Intelligence suite that includes desktop, web, cloud, mobile, data, asset management, data quality, and professional services.

Our innovative solutions can be found in thousands of organisations across a broad range of industries globally including finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, natural resources and the public sector. Our Location Intelligence solutions help police departments to fight crime; enable retail and franchise organisations to manage stores, franchises and customers; and allow government agencies to provide a better service to citizens.

To discover how Pitney Bowes will help you make more informed decisions with superior location solutions go to www.pitneybowes.com/au or visit us at Booth 37.

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