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PelicanCorp provides software and services to Utilities, Asset owners and to the Before You Dig industry specifically for the ‘Protection of Essential Infrastructure’. The team has over 38 years of experience working with Utilities, Before You Dig, One Call services and Local Authorities in helping provide efficient end to end software solutions to increase awareness, improve information exchange and to re-engineer processes delivering day to day benefits to the industry as a whole. Our unique technology platforms are developed through extensive industry knowledge and market experience.  

Civil contractors operating in the ‘Dial Before You Dig’ sector, use PelicanCorp’s services to locate and protect the essential infrastructure of public and private sector organisations; including those providing telecommunications, power, water and other services. This allows them to plan their projects efficiently, resulting in less time wastage, as well as reducing the number of injuries that occur on dig sites as they can avoid hitting power and gas lines. 

 PelicanCorp operates across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Ireland, United States and Canada. For further information please visit   

Kylie Solum
Marketing Manager
(m) +61 (0) 400 753 734
(p) +61 3 8413 5200 (switch)