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Lena Carlson

Bentley’s solutions for public infrastructure provides the necessary tools that address public works, cadastral mapping, 3D Cities, enhanced project delivery, asset information management, BIM, mobile, electronic plan reviews and reality modeling for infrastructure engineering to achieve better outcomes for publicly financed infrastructure projects. Meeting these challenging demands by dramatically streamlining the design and construction processes, enhancing productivity and accelerating project delivery. For more than 30 years, our comprehensive portfolio of software and services has been improving the efficiencies of government projects around the world—from Crossrail in the U.K. to the LPG Import and Storage Terminal in South Africa to the Beijing Green Building Park Visitor Center in China to the Port of Miami Tunnel in the U.S, Bentley’s government solution delivers powerful tools for government organizations around the globe.

Bentley’s comprehensive solutions for public infrastructure encompasses local, regional, state, provincial, national, and federal, for Powerful, standards-based GIS technology integrated seamlessly into your engineering workflows to support the design, construction, and operation of sustainable infrastructure. Bentley also has a wide range of offerings for military agencies, from the management of campuses using BIM disciplines, to the design and management of military sites using civil engineering and utility workflows, and agencies that manage government and educational campuses, or deliver public works programs.