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AURIN is a national collaboration delivering e-research infrastructure to empower better decisions for Australia’s urban settlements and their future development. Funded by the Australian Government through the NCRIS Strategy, the $26 million AURIN initiative is building the e-research infrastructure to enable better understanding of the current state of Australia’s cities and towns and to meet the challenges they face. Led by the University of Melbourne, AURIN collaborates with more than 60 institutions and data providers across Australia through contracted subprojects and Data Access Agreements. The AURIN Workbench and its flagship application, the AURIN portal, is delivering access to diverse data from multiple sources, and is facilitating data integration and data interrogation using open source e-research tools. This generates meaningful knowledge – urban intelligence – the evidence base for informed decisions for the smart growth and the sustaina ble development of Australia’s cities and towns.

Veronica Shingler
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