Liz Fulton

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TECH AND TEAMWORK – The convergence of GIS, CADD, BIM and IT

Liz Fulton, GIS Operations Manager – Cardno  


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. Information Management
  2. Discipline/Industry Collaboration
  3. Data Interoperability
  4. Maintaining operational standards
  5. Use of technology including Web, Mobile & Desktop Mapping, UAV/UAS and Survey, 3D Modelling inc BIM, Database management

Target Audience

Users and consumers of GIS, CADD, IT and BIM technology

Presentation Overview

The focus of this presentation is the divergence of CADD, GIS, BIM and IT disciplines and will take a look at how Cardno has established a global technical services unit to actively work on the synergies between these multiple technologies and their respective experts.  It will discuss how this global team provides the tools and support for world class project solutions that benefit organisations and clients and how the team offers expertise throughout the entire life cycle of a project and is responsible for the strategic planning, evaluation, implementation and maintenance of technology products used to deliver solutions.


Liz Fulton is GIS Operations Manager of Cardno throughout the Asia Pacific region with over 13 years’ experience in GIS and Remote Sensing. She has developed extensive experience in spatial data manipulation, cartography, analysis on raster and vector data formats plus database modelling and implementation and application development. Liz has extensive knowledge of numerous GIS packages and their associated databases, including Esri ArcGIS Desktop, Online and ArcGIS Server, MapInfo, QGIS and ENVI.  She is responsible for the Cardno Asia Pacific spatial system including data, standards, training, infrastructure and users. Liz is a qualified Trainer with 9 years teaching experience. She currently lectures for the NSW Department of Education in GIS to Surveying, Engineering and Spatial students through the Illawarra Institute of TAFE.