Libby Hillman

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Libby Hilman

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Keynote Presentation: MapIT! and Beyond

Libby Hillman, Executive Officer, Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria

Cory Bixler, GIS Officer, Cardinia Shire Council


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. Strategies to inform and attract young people to the spatial industry
  2. Successful collaboration practices between industry, tertiary and education
  3. How one pilot program made a difference in the local area
  4. The importance of linking programs to the school curriculum
  5. The value of supporting education programs

Target Audience

Those who are keen to ensure that young people are aware of the diverse opportunities in the industry and then follow through to undertake tertiary studies and employment in the sector. Those who are keen to engage with the broader community and provide information about the power of spatial applications.

Presentation Overview

MapIT! and Beyond…… Promoting career opportunities in the spatial industry are integral in securing the future of the spatial professions. Destination Spatial Victorian Committee consists of members of spatial business, professional bodies, government, universities, education and a research centre. The aim is the promotion of careers in the spatial industry to the general public, especially students. The Committee is successfully working at the core of career decision-making with Year 7- 12 students – especially those studying Geography.

In 2015 a plethora of initiatives have been implemented to increase awareness of the spatial industry. Programs have targeted primary and secondary students, gifted and talented students and students with a disability in areas including metropolitan Melbourne and rural and regional Victoria. Student participation in programs such as Newtech, the GPS In Schools Program, GeoSkills Event 2015 and the MapIT !Challenge will all work towards a sustainable future for the spatial industry. Each of these exciting and engaging programs has been a collaborative effort involving a variety of partners across industry, government departments and local government, the tertiary sector and education.

The key to success has been integrating and aligning the programs into the school curriculum.
Presenters: Libby Hillman, Cory Bixler, DS representative.

Libby Hillman Biography

Libby Hillman – GTAV Executive Officer A passionate geographer, Libby has taught across all levels of schooling from Primary to VCE and across many different schools in the independent and government sectors in both Metropolitan and rural Victoria.

Libby worked as an Education Consultant with Minerals Education Australia prior to taking up the role of executive Officer with the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria (GTAV). It is through Geography that students can make sense of the world and spatial technology provides the tools for a greater understanding of the world in which we live.

A foundation member of Destination Spatial, Libby has provided the link to education whereby students and teachers have been engaged in a variety of programs to increase their awareness of the opportunities in the spatial industry.

Cory Bixler Biography

Cory Bixler has travelled the world as an aircraft elevator technician in the US Navy prior to his career as a GIS Officer. Currently he is at Cardinia Shire Council. In 2015 Cory decided that there must be more you could do to celebrate World GIS day than just eat cake. He called Libby Hillman, the Executive Officer of the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria. The GTAV is the largest of all the Geography teaching associations in Australia and the organisation has worked hard in advocating for the inclusion of spatial technology in the Geography Curriculum. With the support of Destination Spatial, they created the MapIT! challenge. This presentation outlines their journey and fills you in on some of the other exciting initiatives that are currently being undertaken to increase students’ awareness and exposure to spatial technology – and hopefully increasing the pool of GIS professionals.