Jodi Cant

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Jodi Cant

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Spatial The Next Frontier – A Location and Innovation Hub for WA

Jodi Cant, General Manager Business Development, Landgate


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. Landgate’s role in industry development
  2. How government can embrace innovation
  3. Why we think a location and innovation hub is a good idea for WA
  4. Current challenges
  5. Current opportunities

Target Audience

  • Industry
  • Academia
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government
  • Start Ups

Presentation Overview

Landgate’s commitment to a Location and Innovation Hub is a key component of the Location Information Strategy (LIS). The Hub will be launched in April 2016. The Hub builds on the earlier success of the LIS program by further harnessing existing location technology capabilities, together with other emerging technology trends, to deliver greater economic and social benefits for the State.

Targeted outcomes include: reducing costs of doing business for government and industry; improving government service delivery for its citizens; and creating a stronger local economy – from new business enterprise. In addition to delivering economic and social benefits for WA, the Hub will act as a feeder to provide the location industry, with a pipeline of partnership and investment opportunities. This is focused on delivering future revenue and supporting emerging WA-based location technology businesses. Landgate has successfully developed the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) and leads the public sector in innovation.

The concept of the Hub is an extension of existing success stories, facilitating broader communication, collaboration and getting more people involved to solve real problems and opportunities. Landgate is already recognised as a leader in the Asian area providing consultancy and training in our core areas. To achieve this ambition a Blueprint was created to guide the implementation of the Hub in WA. The Blueprint was developed after extensive research was carried-out into other location and innovation hub-like entities nationally and globally, and consultation with stakeholders.


Jodi Cant joined Landgate in 2004 and was appointed the General Manager Business Development in October 2009. Previously, Jodi was the Executive Director of both Information Access and Business Services. Jodi also developed and implemented the Landgate innovation program, a first for the State Government. Jodi has worked in both the private and not-for-profit sectors with extensive experience in strategic planning, organisational transformation, marketing and communications. Jodi is the Chair of earthmine Australia and a board member of PSMA. She is a creative thinker and an effective team builder. Jodi holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Western Australia, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of Leadership WA.