Industry Theatre

Tuesday 4 April 2017

9.30am Daniel Kruimel, Business Development Manager of South East Asia, AAM Group, “Smart Cities, and my experience with producing a 3D map of Singapore for their “Smart Nation” program”.
9.45am Darren Mottolini, Business Development & Research Manager, CRCSI “Generating real outputs from research – collaborating to realise growth’
10.00am David Bruce, OMNILINK, “PSMA Cloud”
10.15am Rob Fenwick, Pitney Bowes.. “Data is the new bacon”
10.30am 4DMapper geospatial data streaming – Rob Klau and Paul Douriaguine, 4D Mapper
10.45am Alex Cowdery, Business Development Consultant, Fugro LADS Corporation. “Fugro Evolution”
11.00am Using location data – adapt, thrive and survive – Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager, PSMA Australia
11.15am Spatial Technologies Pty Ltd– Anton Van Wyk. “Rapid Asset capture with RPAS, Laser Scanners and light sensors”
11.30am LUNCH
11.45am Bill Farry, RPS Group, “Aerial LiDAR, UAV and Terrestrial Scanning Point Clouds.”
12.00pm James Prior, Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence Australia.. “Airbus, OneAtlas, and Beyond”
12.30pm Dr Lee Gregory, 12d Solutions Pty Ltd “12d Model, Surveying, GIS and BIM”
12.45pm Russell Hay, Section Leader, Built Environment & Exposure, Geoscience Australia “Geoscience Australia’s – NEXIS – the National Exposure Information System”
1.00pm Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager, PSMA Australia “Using location data – adapt, thrive and survive”
1.15pm Vivienne Bordas (NEII) & Matthew Brooks (Geofabric), Bureau of Meteorology “A National approach to environmental and water information”
1.30pm George Sioutis, Aerometrex George Sioutis, Aerometrex “Metro Map”
1.45pm Ryan Kent, Geospatial Business Development Manager Southern Region, Position Partners “Mass Data Capture BIM Technology”
2.15pm Anita Byrnes, Forum8 “Using 3D Virtual Reality for Spatial and Civil Applications”
2.30pm Daniel Honaker, Manager, International Systems Engineers, AGI “How do I visualise my data in a near real world across 3D space and time?”
2.45pm Mary-Ellen Feeney, Technical Director GIS, Jacobs “Two Decades in Sydney Imagery – a journey from map tiles, to historical imagery to modern webmap services. Using modern technologies to value, investigate and leverage our past.”
3.00pm Bentley
3.15pm Digital Globe, Dan Getman
3.30pm Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd. Derrick Lim “Trend in Remote Sensing Big Data”
3.45pm Andrew Goodwin, ANDITI, “Scanning the Horizon – the Journey to Point Cloud Analytics at Scale”

Wednesday 5 April 2017

11.30am Johan Nel, CTO Open Spatial “Data Lifecycle Management for Asset Owners”
11.40am Lynette Terrett, Destination Spatial, ‘Destination Spatial’
1.40pm Arthur Street, Senior software engineer, Engineering and Design, CSIRO Data61 “TerriaJS”
1.50pm ESRI