Hugh Saalmans

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Hugh Saalmans

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Keynote Presentation:
The Geospatial Future of Insurance

Hugh Saalmans, Manager, Location Science, IAG


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. What is the Age of Disruption?
  2. How organisations can digitally transform
    themselves to either thrive or mitigate its impact
  3. How insurers are using traditional and
    emerging geospatial tech & data to enable
    a digital transformation, to better serve
    their customers
  4. How the Age of Disruption will impact
    geospatial industry
  5. How open Government data supports
    disruption and digital innovation

Target Audience

  • Governments – understanding how insurers need to operate in the future and how they rely on data for their decision making.
  • The geospatial industry – understanding what insurers need to achieve to remain competitive in the disruptive age.
  • Corporates – understanding what’s required to stay competitive.
  • Consumers – understanding how these changes are driven by their need for seamless and effortless experiences with service providers.

Presentation Overview

The Age of Disruption is well underway. Uber and AirBnB are headlining a new wave of information driven organisations that are forcing existing business models to adapt or suffer a loss of market share. Insurance is not immune from this change. In the startup scene, Insurtech is booming; looking for that next great disruptive app. Internet of Things manufacturers are partnering with US insurers. Autonomous vehicles will greatly reduce the need for motor insurance. The smart insurers know this, and are increasingly transforming themselves into customer centric, data driven organisations to become disruptors themselves.

On the tech front, the insurance industry changes are driven by a wide range of geospatial technologies & data: telematics, drones, remote sensing & imagery, autonomous vehicles, handheld LIDAR scanners, IoT sensors and open Government data.

In this talk, learn about the Age of Disruption and how geospatial tech & data is key to the digital transformation of insurers. Allowing them to rapidly change their business models, their cultures and the way they use information to enhance the customer experience and remain relevant in the 21st century.


Hugh Saalmans leads the Location Science team at IAG; advancing geospatial capability to help improve the customer experience and IAG’s understanding of customers, assets and risks.

For over 20+ years, Hugh has specialised in desktop mapping through to cloud based geo-analytics, and everything in between.  Previous roles have included consulting, pre-sales & product management at MapInfo (Pitney Bowes), RP Data (CoreLogic), Intergraph and MapData Services.

Hugh is a member of the GeoRabble Sydney organising committee and is an avid supporter of hackfests, open data, open source and open standards.