Simon Cope

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Keynote Presentation: GeoSpatial Imagery Redfined 

Simon Cope, Chief Technical Officer – Spookfish


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. The importance of teaming with the right skills
  2. The importance of equity market
  3. Innovation is the centre of value creation
  4. The numerous processes involved in getting a start-up going
  5. It’s a journey – it doesn’t happen overnight

Target Audience

1. Entrepreneurs
2. Innovators
3. Customers

Presentation Overview

Spookfish is the 3rd generation of technologies in 3 decades that have been developed and commercialised by the same group of innovators in Perth that constantly keeps challenging the status quo.

The first of these was ER Mapper, followed by NearMap and now Spookfish. This innovation was previously lead by Industry gurus like Stuart Nixon, but today is lead by Simon Cope who was key to ER Mapper and NearMaps’ success and today has established his own credentials in Spookfish.

This paper gives you an insight into the Spookfish journey and its technology capabilities and the challenges it faced at every stage of the commercialisation process. It began with a small team of individuals with complimentary capabilities, an idea to challenge what was thought impossible, raising seed capital for an idea and a vision, finding a company to invest in the vision and the opportunity to commercialise and realise value, raising funds, going through a Reverse Backdoor Listing process, going through a re-compliance process in the ASX, through to the challenges working as a Public Listed Technology Company in the ASX. Spookfish is trading today under the ASX: SFI Spookfish is a full end to end solution that delivers High Resolution Aerial Imagery from Capture, Processing, and Archive to Data-as-aService Delivery with extreme coverage rates and very low costs. It is anticipated to be able to cover the whole of Victoria at 7.5cms in 20 days. The paper will look at all aspects of innovation and the diverse team of people and capital required to make a business successful. There are lots of lessons to be shared from this journey.


Simon is the CTO of Spookfish. He has over 20 years working in the geospatial imaging technology field, having performed a range of roles in early stage start-ups to multi-nationals including Chief Architect at Landgate, Western Australia’s primary source of land information and geographic data; Spatial Architect at Ajilon, a leading IT services consultancy; CTO at Nearmap Ltd; Chief Technologist at ERDAS LLC, a division of Swiss-based Leica Geosystems; Founder of fotoMuse Pty Ltd which was acquired by Leica Geosystems; and Chief Software Architect at Earth Resource Mapping Ltd