Narelle Underwood

underwood-2NSW Surveyor General, NSW Spatial Services, Department of Finance, Services & Innovation

Narelle Underwood is a graduate of the University of New South Wales, where she was recognised for her brilliance by winning the University Medal. Narelle has since been employed by Roads and Maritime Services where she completed a graduate program and became a registered surveyor before quickly excelling into senior roles such as Southern Region Survey Manager and Acting Principal Surveyor. In October 2016 Narelle Underwood was appointed as Surveyor General of New South Wales, a major role within the state government responsible for leadership in surveying, mapping and geographic information. The appointment makes Underwood both the first woman to hold the role across all Australian states, and the youngest in the state in 200 years.

Dr Stuart Minchin

stuart-minchinChief Environment Division, Geoscience Australia

Dr Stuart Minchin joined Geoscience Australia in January as the Chief of the new Environmental Geoscience Division. Dr Minchin has broad experience in water and environmental information sciences, particularly in the area of Earth observation and water resource management.

Dr Minchin has a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours from the Water Studies Centre and Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology at Monash University in Melbourne. He also successfully completed a PhD at the same university on ‘The role of extracellular enzymes in the bio-availability of nutrients in natural and waste waters’.

His career has been focused on the development and delivery of improved natural resource information and knowledge to stakeholders and the public. Dr Minchin has previously held executive positions such as Research Director (Environmental Observation and Landscape Science) with CSIRO Land and Water and Principal Scientist (Water Assessment and Research) with the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. These positions involved the direction of research priorities and the specification and management of large-scale natural resource observation and information management programs conducted by both the private and public sector.

Dr Minchin has a strong background in the management and computer modelling of water and environmental data and the online management, interoperability, and delivery of data, modelling and reporting tools for improved natural resource management. He conceived of and developed the Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse, the first online database of water information in Australia, and later oversaw its expansion to include groundwater and community monitoring information. While at CSIRO, he led the development of a shared vision for a comprehensive Great Barrier Reef Information System (eReefs), which will incorporate in-situ and space-based monitoring and cutting-edge modelling to provide accounting and forecasting of water quality across the Great Barrier Reef region. He also led the delivery of a successful pilot project to showcase technology possibilities around the eReefs concept.