Alex Leith

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Scalable Simplicity: A Case Study in DevOps and Cloud Orchestration

Alex Leith, Spatial Data Manager – TideTech


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5 Things You Will Learn

  1. What is DevOps?
  2. How can the cloud be used to simply implement complex solutions?
  3. A case study in using Amazon Web Services
  4. A little about oceanography
  5. Some uses for ‘the cloud’

Target Audience

GIS Administrators, Spatial Technologists, Developers, Analysts, GIS Architects, GIS Managers.

Presentation Overview

The Cloud is one of the most overused buzzwords, but it does mean something. This presentation will provide an insight into the why of using the cloud for spatial systems, through a case study demonstrating modern technology use in architecting a scalable and simple solution. Tidetech applies the science of oceanography to create data products designed to improve efficiency for a range of maritime applications including shipping, offshore industries and renewable energy technologies. Recently, Tidetech has been expanding from delivering data products to delivering information products. Additionally, data pipelines have been streamlined and shifted into a data factory that provides for increased reliability and transparency in processes. Together, the result is a highly orchestrated and integrated system, which provides reliable data and mapping services to customers all over the world. This presentation will be framed as a case study with a focus on the system, but will also examine how the results of this system are used through the use of real world examples.


Alex Leith is currently the Chairman of the Tasmanian Regional Committee of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, as well as a member of the SSSI Board of Directors. Alex graduated with a degree in Surveying and Spatial Information Sciences with honours in 2011, and was certified as a Geographic Information Systems Professional in 2015. Alex received the Young Processional of the Year, Tasmania, in 2013, and has won the Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit two years in a row at GovHack Tasmania. Alex is currently employed as the Spatial Data Manager at Tidetech. He has a keen interest in technology and experience and expertise with a wide range of data, software and hardware related to spatial information. Alex has presented at several international, national and local conferences and is the founder of the local Tasmanian GeoRabble chapter.