The Locate Conference welcomes Innovation@Locate Hackfest

The Locate Conference adds even more to its upcoming Locate16 Conference by introducing the Innovate@Locate Hackfest.

The Innovate@Locate Hackfest looks to bring together key datasets, which are essential to our prosperity, protection, sustainability and ability to grow. The event aims to demonstrate how technology is used and showcase the innovative ideas which comes from how developers interact, mash, design and develop applications to solve problems.

The Hackfest Showcase will run ahead of the Conference on Thursday, 17 March 2016 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (AEDT) with registration for the Innovate@Locate Hack opening on the 18th March 2016. Winners will be announced the Locate16 VIP Cocktail Event 11 April at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Day 1 Thursday 17 March 2016
1pm – 5pm Live Showcasing @ Spatial Vision & live stream webinar registrations

Day 2 Friday 18 March 2016
9am –5pm Innovation@Locate Hackfest Locations

  • Canberra – NICTA Canberra Research Laboratory 7 London Circuit, Canberra 2601
  • Sydney -NICTA Building – Level 4 Seminar room, 13 Garden Street Eveleigh 2015
  • Perth – SpaceCubed: OpenSpace, Ground Floor,45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 (Launch time from 7:30am to 9am)
  • Melbourne – Spatial Vision, Level 4, 575 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Gold Coast – TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Coomera Campus, 198 Foxwell Road Coomera, QLD 4209

All participants are eligible for prizes.  For team entrants or individual entrants must be over 18 (or a guardian must be registered as the representative to facilitate prizes).

Register all Team members in Devpost (If your team win we can only recognise registered team members).


A descriptive project page, listing your team members, details about your project, what data sets have been used and what competition categories (local, national and international) that you are going for.  The project page must include your Project Description Data Story.  This is a short description that describes how data has been reused and what your project is about. Submit an image that best captures your concept e.g a logo or Image. 

Nominate your Prize Categories. When you register your Team Project on the Devpost you’ll have access to the competition prizes to compete for. Teams may register more than one entry; a new project page is required for each entry. You can nominate more that than one prize category for each for each project entry so long as the entry meets the multiple eligibility criteria. At a minimum please nominate one competition prize. We encourage projects to focus on a few prizes not all the prizes.  The best way to maximise your chance to win is to use a data set from the official list and to check for any Prize category eligibility criteria such as a specific data sets.

Outcomes from the project itself (any code, graphics, mashups, applications, website URLs, photos of each  stage to create your artistic representation etc) which must all be made available under an open source/content licence to be eligible for prizes. If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging.   Teams can put the code/source on GitHub, Sourceforge or an equivalent repository system and must make the URL available on their team page for verification. For artistic works you may need to create a photo library or share a link to a Googledocs that contains evidence of the stages of your project.

Data reused – On your project page you are required to record any data used. This is especially required if the prize categories entered have a data usage requirement for eligibility. 

A pre-recorded video (maximum three minutes) that demonstrates your hack in action for the judging panel. The preferred method is to use a screencast with a voice-over narration explaining your hack, why you created it, and what is being show in the video. Remember that the judging panel is viewing the videos in isolation and doesn’t necessarily have any context around your project. You may mix in other elements with the screencast, such as footage demonstrating the issues your hack addresses, interviews, live action material you’ve filmed, et cetera – but be aware that videos that don’t focus on showing off the hack itself will not be as valued as ones that do. You are encouraged to include your team name, event location, team members, and to talk about the data you have used and your data reuse story. Check out the hacker toolkit for some assistance and instruction on how to make a compelling video. Remember: Your video should not take more than a few hours out of your weekend if you keep it simple.

When you register your Team Project or Individual Project you’ll have access to the competition prizes to compete for (opens 18th
 March 2016). You may register more than one entry; a new project page is required for each entry. You can nominate more that than one prize category for each for each project entry so long as the entry meets the multiple eligibility criteria.

Hexagon Geospatial main sponsors and require the use of Smart M.App to be used be considered for their prize and to go on to compete for the $100,000 USD prize they have on offer.

Prize Sponsors Innovate@Locate

Supporters of Hackfest
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