Maurits van der Vlugt to Present Innovative Addressing Solutions at Locate16

Maurits van der Vlught, one of Australia’s leading authorities in the field of spatial data infrastructures and web delivery of location data to present at the Locate16 Conference 12-14 April at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Maurits van der VlugtSpeaker Bio: Maurits is a Director at Mercury Project Solution and has had a long career in consulting government and the private sector on location-intelligence strategies, digital technology frameworks, planning and implementation.

With 25 years’ experience in Europe, the USA and Australia, he has developed an extensive international network. His areas of expertise extend into Location Based Services, Emergency Management and Social Media. Maurits volunteers his time to not-for-profit initiatives such as GeoNext and GeoRabble, and is vice chairman of the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA). He is a prolific, award winning presenter and blogger.

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Abstract Title  “Where the streets have no name” – Innovations in Addressing

Abstract Overview

Only 11% of Australia’s landmass can be referenced through street addressing. However Addressing doesn’t help when your car is broken down on a country road, when trying to get flood insurance for your farm shed, or when receiving a drone delivery in your back yard, but not in the pool.

Until recently, if we wanted to reference locations in the remaining 89% of Australia, or in developing countries, or in new subdivisions, we had to revert to using coordinates. But humans don’t remember or communicate strings of up to 16 digits particularly well. And getting it wrong can be expensive, or even worse.

In the last few years, several initiatives have emerged that tackle this issue, usually with some type of coding system to replace coordinates. Geepers, MapCode and what3words are some of the more well-known examples of such solutions. This presentation looks at the pros and cons of innovative addressing solutions, and how they can and will save money and lives, and how they deliver significant economic and social benefits, contributing to our prosperity.

To view the full Locate16 Conference program, please click here.

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