Aerometrex’s mapping of Onkaparinga’s 30km of rugged coastline to be presented at Locate16

David Byrne, Technical Director at Aerometerex will present  at the Locate16 Conference on Wednesday 13 April at 4:20pm.

David Byrne

Abstract Title: Smart Coastal Mapping

Abstract Overview:  The City Onkaparinga has 30km of coastline that is very prone to coastal erosion. The project involved mapping the 30km coastline to a very high accuracy. The project involved capturing 25,000 oblique photographs from a helicopter. With the addition of 125 ground control points. The imagery was processed the into a dense 3D mesh. The method used ensured that there was no holes or occlusions. The product produced was truly 3D. We are not aware of any other technology that would be able to map and model this rugged coastline to such detail without having occluded or missing areas. The resulting accuracy of the model was 100mm in XY and Z. The 3D model produced will be used for assessing the state of the coastline and to be used for update modelling to detect change. The 3D model produced is highly visual and gives the end user an instant assessment as to the state of the coastline and informed decisions can be made.

Presenter Bio:  After graduating David was employed at the University of South Australia for 4 years. For two years in 1999 and 2000 David worked as a photogrammetrist for Kevron Aerial Surveys (now Fugro) Since late 2000 David has been employed at Aerometrex. David has been Production Manager for the majority of that time. David is now the Technical Director at Aerometrex and oversees both the production and research sides of the company.

David now has over 20 years’ experience in photogrammetry and has published several technical papers over the years. David has managed hundreds of projects, and several high end engineering projects. David Byrne was the key influence on Aerometrex’s push into the realm of very high accuracy photogrammetry. Over the last two years David has been the driver and key architect for Aerometrex’s new 3D product line Aero3Dpro, an automated photogrammetric process that produces fully textured 3D models that are both highly visual and geometrically accurate.

Bachelor of Surveying with Honours, University of South Australia
Received award (Golden Plumb Bob) for best final year (honours) project.

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