Locate16 Call for Abstracts Closing 30 November

If you are interested in presenting at Locate16 in Melbourne (12-14 April 2016), do not forget that time is running out for your Abstract Submission.


Call for Abstracts will close on 30 November and the stream topics include:

Our society cannot function without spaces in which to live, work and play, nor without essential supporting water, sewerage, energy, and transport infrastructure.  Building Information Modelling and 3D cadastres reduce costs, provide greater certainty and improve the quality of construction and management.

Our long-term prosperity depends upon globally competitive industries.  Spatial technology and location information help decrease business costs and provide new opportunities for growth in food and agribusiness, mining and resources, energy, manufacturing and health.

When disaster strikes, significant financial and social costs are borne by our increasingly urbanised society.  The safety of our communities depends heavily on the effective use of spatial technology and location information by emergency services, transport safety, the insurance industry, defence, health and utilities.

We seek to end poverty and war, take action on climate change, manage our unique landscapes sustainably, and have secure and affordable access to water and energy.  The achievement of this global agenda cannot be realised without the continued application of spatial technology and location information.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding Abstract Submissions please contact Kim Hesse (kimhesse@venues2events.com.au) or Nicole Donald (nicoledonald@venues2events.com.au) on 03 9429 8996.

To submit your abstract please click here.

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